In-House Training

In-house training and CPD

In addition to providing lawyers with professional supervision I also offer in-house training courses to firms and individuals who want to expand their understanding and practise of ‘soft skills’ and the psychological impact of working with people in conflict situations.

I offer CPD courses that can be delivered online or in person.

Courses offered currently are:

‘Working with High Conflict Personalities’

This is a three hour CPD course that involves group work and contributions and examines what can happen when we work for or against High Conflict Personalities and how best to manage those cases. High confict personalities can be your clients, L.I.P.’s or opposing lawyers – the course is designed to help you work effectively without being sucked into their drama. The course can be delivered at your offices and is best suited for groups of 3 to 9 participants.

A two hour online version of the course is also available.

For further information please email me at or call on 01274 581100.

Testimonials in relation to this course:

“Excellent course and tips when dealing with high conflict cases and clients. This is great for newly qualified and experienced professionals.” K.W. Consilia Legal

“Very interesting and insightful. Took a lot away and given me a lot to think about” Z.R. Consilia Legal

Essential, every family lawyer should do it” M.H. Freeths

Insightful, interesting and encouraging. Juliette created a safe space for us to share our experiences and gave me a lot of information and food for thought” S.C. Freeths

A very helpful and informative training session, furthered my knowledge on different personalities and the recognised behaviour associated with them to help enable me to spot these type of clients and improve my understanding of them” S.G Freeths

Don’t worry about training staff because they might leave, worry about not training staff because they might stay”Peter Baeklund