Online Counselling

How does online counselling work?

Online counselling takes place via videolink. It is remarkably straightforward – all you need is a laptop/desktop or mobile phone that has access to a camera or webcam and an email address.

I offer online counselling sessions using Zoom or MS Teams. The process is straightforward, I set up the link for the meeting and I email you the invite link in advance of your session and all you have to do is click on the link at the time of your appointment and you can then attend your therapy session from your own chosen location at the allocated time. It is as simple as that.

You can choose to access your counselling session away from your home if you wish. You must, however, ensure that when you access your session you are in a safe and confidential space, free from distraction and noise and on your own. You must not be driving when you have your session.

Benefits of online counselling

My clients often say that they were initially sceptical about online counselling when they first started, thinking that it ‘wouldn’t work’. Within a few sessions however clients feed back to me that they find the online nature of their session convenient, private and comfortable and that it does not prevent them from experiencing the therapeutic process. Therapy can be a distressing process and it is normal to feel upset, tearful and vulnerable in a session. One of the benefits of online counselling is that you have chosen where you want to be when you are feeling like that and very often clients prefer to be in the safety of their own home or in a place that is special to them where they feel most comfortable.

Online counselling is often less expensive than face-to-face counselling because all you are paying for is the cost of the session; there are no additional travel costs or parking fees for you to pay. Online counselling also enables you to take less time out of your day to attend your session because you are online for one hour rather than having to add onto your session time your journey times there and back from each session. Clients often comment that it is much more convenient for them and they do not have to take as much time off work to attend their session.

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