Your Mediator

I am Juliette Kinsey and I am the founder of Just Talk Mediation. If you and your ex partner or spouse decide to appoint my mediation service to assist you both to try and reach a solution then I will be your mediator.

My background is that of family law. I am a solicitor with over twenty years’ experience in family law, representing clients who are seeking to resolve the financial problems and children issues that can arise as a result of a relationship breakdown. I am also a qualified therapeutic counsellor undertaking work with clients who are suffering from bereavement, loss and trauma following the breakdown of difficult or abusive relationships.

It is what I have seen as a family law solicitor that has given rise to my training to be a mediator. Sadly, when many couples separate they often refuse to talk to each other and instead look to solicitors to represent them in long, unpredictable and expensive court proceedings against each other. I have seen the destruction that can arise when often unnecessary court proceedings are issued between two people who are parents of children still living at home. Court solutions often fail to meet the needs of either party and often leave couples unable to speak to each other or be able to parent their children collaboratively. I firmly believe that, when separated parents reach solutions together away from the courts in relation to financial matters and arrangements for the children, not only do those solutions give rise to a happier and more secure childhood for their children, they also make future parenting of the children easier because both parents are working together as a team rather than against each other.

It is important to remember that whilst your relationship with your partner or spouse may not have been for life, being a parent is. I recognise that relationship breakdowns can be very painful and full of recriminations so sitting down and talking to each other calmly can seem almost impossible; this is when I think mediation can help. As your mediator, I am there to assist both of you to talk to each other, to discuss your concerns and fears and identify what each of you hopes to achieve for your future. I am impartial, neutral and unbiased. I am not there to judge either of you or to criticise, nor am I there to take sides. My role is to help facilitate a dialogue between the two of you, enabling you both to discuss the issues that concern and worry you the most in a safe and neutral environment and to help both of you to find mutually beneficial solutions which best meet the needs of your family. Mediation is rarely a comfortable process but it is a preferable one and it places you both firmly in control of what happens to you and your family.

As your mediator, I want to work with you both towards achieving solutions that are best for you and your family.

I am a member of the Family Mediators Association, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and also a Resolution collaboratively trained lawyer and therefore I bring to the mediation table a wealth of experience in family law and resolving disputes between separating couples in a constructive and positive way. I hope that if you decide to appoint me to be your mediator you and your family will be able to benefit from that experience.